Novi Sad, March 24, 2010.

Meeting of representatives of institutions in order to develop engagement Regional Spatial Plan of AP Vojvodina 

On 24/03/2010 in premises of the Institute third in a series of meetings dedicated to making RSP of APV was held.

Meeting was organized by the General Coordinator - Republic Agency for Spatial Planning, organizational unit for the territory of AP Vojvodina. Beside experts from the Institute meeting was attended by representatives of the Republic Agency for Spatial Planning, representatives of the University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Sciences, Mathematical Faculty, Agricultural Faculty, Philosophical Faculty, Faculty of Technology, the Republical Institute for Development, the Institute for Architecture and the Urban Planning and Institute of Lowland Forestry and Environment.... more

Novi Sad, February 11, 2010.

Special Assembly of Vojvodinian association of planners 

Special Assembly of Vojvodinian association of planners was held on 11/02/2010 in the premises of the Urban and Spatial Planning Institute of Vojvodina. The main reason for convening an special session was to elect a new president of the Association, since in previous period, President of Association was our late fellow architect Mihajlo Rutar.
In addition to the President and Vice President election, all organs of the Association were elected too.... more

January 2010.

Interview: Vladimir Zelenovic, director of JP "Zavod za urbanizam Vojvodine" 

Department of Urban Planning, in various forms of organization, exists in the Province since 1950. This means that it will soon mark a big anniversary - 60 years.
During this long period, several times a name has changed, together with the mode of financing - until 1964. it was the budgetary institution, and in the same year there was the decision of the Executive Council of Vojvodina, by which the Institute began to be financed by the principles of income. Since then, the Institute intensifies it's work on the development of urban and spatial planning documents for a large number of settlements and municipalities in Vojvodina and begins intensive work on feasibility studies and projects in the areas of water supply and sanitation as well as on making decisions about the arrangement of construction land in cities and municipal centers. In short, the Department is profiled as a provincial institution that performs operations and activities of special social interest. New Statute of the Institute who was adopted in 1977, for the first time, defines scientific and research work as an activity of the Institute.... more

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