April 29, 2010.

Consortium of IAUS and the Institute won the competition for the development of a Concept for the Spatial Plan of special-purpose areas of international waterway E-80 - Danube

Republic Agency for Spatial Planning anounced on public procurement section of their web portal a public invitation to tender for development of Spatial Plan for areas of special purpose - international waterway E-80 - Danube River (''Službeni glasnik RS'', No. 16 from 20/03/2010.).
Given the significance and complexity of this task, the Institute, based on long-term cooperation agreement, on 16/04/2010 signed a contract with IAUS about joint offer for the development of a Concept for Spatial Plan of special purpose international waterway E-80 - the Danube.
The contract defines the mutual rights and obligations of both parties and an integral part of this agreement is precisely defined structure, scope and method of realisation activities on development of Concept for this plan.
Phases and activities with detailed tasks of each individual contractor, were found in these six points:

- Preparatory activities (methodological approach to the development and organization of development of a Concept)
- Establishment of a databases (collection, structuring of data, foundation and other documents)
- Study on the basis of SP by fields (starting points and conditions, development and arrangement of planned areas)
- Protection of areas (cultural heritage, natural values, environment, waste management, hazards)
- Development of a Concept plan (evaluation sheet - SWOT analysis, goals and strategic solutions, the basic purpose of the space, the proposal of priorities)
- Technical preparation and presentation of the Concept of plan (text part, maps, databases)
- Evaluation and finalization of the Concept of plan

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