Novi Sad, May 4, 2010.

President of the European Council of Spatial planners visited the Urban and Spatial Planning Institute of Vojvodina

On May 4th, the Institute was visited by Mr Ir Joao Teixeira, President of the European Council of spatial planners and Ms Aleksandra Tišma, professor at the Faculty of Agriculture in Novi Sad.
The European Council of spatial planners (ECTP-CEU), was founded in 1985 and it brings together 24 professional societies of urbanists, planners and institutions from 22 European countries.
This association provides it's members with common framework for planning practice, education, professional development and definition of professional responsibilities.
ECTP-CEU sets standards for education of planners; identifies, highlights and rewards good examples of planning across Europe; encourages and engages in dialogue with local, national and European levels of authorities.
Planners are experts in the analysis of space and interaction. In their work, they communicate with experts of various profiles in order to achieve sustainable development of natural and built environment.
Current affairs of Council include:
• Promotion of new and revised Athens Charter on planning of European cities in 21st century,
• Work on creating a vision of improving quality and efficiency of cities and urban life in Europe,
• Development of guidelines for spatial planning and territorial cohesion,
• Issuance of Proceedings from major conference on European spatial development,
• Awards for European urban and regional planning.

Distinguished guests were welcomed by director Vladimir Zelenović with associates.

Mr. Teixeira informed us about organization of the Council, the activities within the current work of the Council and content of lectures called ''the principles of sustainable city planning'' which will be held on the Faculty of Agriculture in Novi Sad, during the first conference about horticulture and landscape architecture, on the theme''The green urban spaces''.
Ms. Aleksandra Tišma acquainted us with the contents of her lecture titled ''Study of green and recreational areas'' on the same conference, as well as with her professional work during the years of residence in the Netherlands.

Guests showed great interest in projects that the Institute did in previous decades of its existence, and were especially impressed by the significant work which is now being done by the Institute.
At the end of pleasent conversation, President of Council of European Spatial planners Mr. Teixeira, once again expressed his satisfaction with the visit to the Institute, and offered us any kind of help from his jurisdiction which we may need, together with his personal engagement in case that the Institute expresses a desire to become an associate member of the European Council of Spatial planners.

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