Ivanjica, May 22, 2010

Local governments in planning and development of spaces and settlements

The third scientific meeting "Local governments in planning and development of spaces and settlements", organized by the Association of Serbian spatial planners is continuation of activities of Association to improve certain issues regarding the impact of spatial, urban and other plans on local community. The meeting was held in Ivanjica from May 20th to 22nd 2010.
In the context of new legislation, in particular the Law on planning and construction, it is expected that the focus of management and decision-making on spatial development will shift to the local level, which is why the meetings goal was to offer professional aid to local authorities to solve specific problems in this area. This will be done through the experience and examples and capabilities for establishment of new territorial organization for efficient management of local governments in Serbia. The focus of the meeting was aimed at finding ways to address perceived problems in the spirit of the European criteria, as well as taking joint action in the development of local communities.

In addition to social and professional assessment of previous efforts and results at the meeting, guidelines are given and a basis for further policy action in this area. Representatives of the Institute participated in the meeting by exposing the advantages of applying GIS in the analysis of spatial resolution on the example of urban plan of Irig.

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